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How to Make Extra, Fast Money


When I used to needed quick extra money,  here is what I did.

No special skills or an is MBA necessary to understand and implement this method.

I asked local businesses if they would be interested in some extra customers if wouldn’t cost them a penny. Of course they were. Than I asked if they would be willing to give a percentage of the profit away to those customers. Not to me, but to those customers.

If the answer was yes than I asked them if they would be willing to work with me to get those extra customers and pay me nothing for it. Of course they were and now I was in business, to make some extra money.

Next I looked for printing companies and asked them for their best price for printing 1000 copies of a full color coupon booklet that was the size of a quarter of an A4 page. Once I had the lowest price I set the details with that company and I was ready to go.

So I started to sign up the businesses I was talking to earlier and included them in a coupon booklet where they were offering a 5, 10, 20 percent or whatever off, if the customer walked in with one of their coupons from my booklet.

Once I signed up at least 50 or so businesses, I went to the printing company to print me 1000 booklets.

The advertisers had a full color choice for the ads and all they had to do was, to supply the ads. One ad per business. I didn't offer any design or graphics or typesetting services. Since this marketing was free to these businesses.

When the coupon booklets were printed in a day or two I paid the printer and off I was to make my quick money.

I started to go from door to door and sold these booklets that was full of coupons that came from their local businesses for $5 dollars per booklet. These booklets were offering far greater value from just about any business than the $5 dollars they cost and if one multiplies it by the number of businesses in that booklet they can see the Value in it. I approached local schools and churches and offered them at a discount if they buy more than 100 booklets and sell them at their fundraising.

People gobbled them up at such a bargain price. Imagine $5 dollars for a booklet that comes from 50 plus local businesses you use almost every day or week to do your shopping or buying their services. What a bargain. The cost of the printing is minuscule. At the time it cost me less than $500 dollars per 1000 booklets. The total profit per 1000 booklet was $4500 dollars. Sometimes I had hired students or kids and gave them a $2 dollars for each booklet they have sold. They were happy and I was happy.

This system works in just about any country in the world.  All you have to do is just do the legwork to set the deal up with some local businesses and the printing company. Any time in the future you need some more extra, fast money just repeat the process.