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How to Stop Migraines.
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Several people on Facebook have mentioned their migraine is triggered by heat and humidity.

Really is the stress we suffer from the heat and humidity is registered in the subconscious mind that triggers the migraine headaches.


Eliminating the stress will stop the migraines. The daily treatment using this migraine relief   is able to stop the stress and the migraines from developing. People who use this treatment have reported their migraines have stopped or was reduced by about 90 percent after 3 months of daily usage. As we all know, migraine is practically unstoppable once it starts, but the key is in the prevention.

Most migraines are caused by stress. Even though sometimes we blame it on the food we eat or on other circumstances . Food can cause stress to the body too by upsetting the balance of digestion and placing the body under stress and we don’t even know it.

What to prevent if we don’t know what to prevent?

Think about it for a minute. What did happen before your migraine headaches started? (the day before, the night before, right before). Nothing you might say, but something you did or encountered triggered it. Did you sleep good? How about your pillow? Was it comfortable or it kept your neck in an awkward position?  Was there too much glare going to work in the morning? Too much dust? Too much noise? Didn’t eat enough or did you eat too much?

What to prevent??

Prevent the stress the subconscious registers.