Monthly Archives: May 2017

Internet marketing and it’s pitfalls

With the economy getting worse and worse due to evolutionary reasons, many people are turning to the internet to try to make money. Sooner or later they all fall into the email trap. Continue reading

Do links quality and relevance really matters

SEO is a complicated subject for webmasters. I think it’s over done and irrelevant. Why? Because the basics stays always basics. Example. If I am looking for a store on main street and all I see is the same merchandise all over I am not going to go to the main street for shopping. Continue reading

How to speed up web browsing

I am sure many of you had noticed your computer takes forever to load a page. The reason behind it is google analytics. Tracking your habits and browsing. Every time you go to a different web address or hit the back or forward button google like to know what you are doing. (disgusting I know) … Continue reading