Daily Archives: 15/06/2017

A Qualified Teacher

Britain is considering to copy the Swedish model of free schools. Nothing is wrong with that, but those schools also employ so called “unqualified teachers. What ever that means. Continue reading

How to install Amazon banners to website

How do you install Amazon banners to a website? Beginners guide. The first thing you have to do is sign up with Amazon as an associate. Just type into Continue reading

Car insurance increase for women in the UK

Starting from today, March 1st 2011 women will be discriminated for getting car insurance in the UK, according to BBC news Continue reading

Ebay auction

Selling on ebay starts with listing your item. You can use the quick sell feature on your ebay home page at the top right, or a software called Continue reading

Royal Mail Price Increase

In 2013 Royal mail also increased the cost of sending parcels. They’ve got rid of the “Standard Parcel” which used to cost £4.43 for a Continue reading