Daily Archives: 16/06/2017

I Need Money

I need money too. How to get money fast. How to make money fast. Here are a few ways to make money fairly quick even if you have bad credit.

British fuel prices and loosing money.

Starting Jan 4 2011 Britain raised the sales tax from 17.5% to 20%. (yeah, in a struggling economy). They have also increased the tax on the fuel. Wow. (yeah, in a struggling economy). This fuel price increase will cost them millions Continue reading

City Link Parcel Delivery Service Not Recommended

In lieu of my recent experience with City Link Parcel Delivery forces me to write this not recommended article to warn others of the service’s inadequacies Continue reading

Mandatory Car Insurance cost

In Hungary the average car insurance for a 25 year old with a 10 years old BMW is around £160 pounds per year. In the UK that same car, same driver, same insurance company will cost an average about £3,000 pounds per year. Yet they are still profitable in Hungary, or else they wouldn’t be there. Continue reading

How to Make Money With Blogs Using Other People’s Products

How to make money with your blog promoting other people’s products? Read to the end and click on the link at the end of this article. The method described there will show you how to make money off of other people’s stuff. Very Powerful Stuff. Continue reading

Ebay! What is it?

Ebay fees usually amount to about 15% or more of the total selling price. This including the paypal fees which is also owned by ebay. Continue reading