Daily Archives: 18/06/2017

Remove Acne Scars With Natural Herbs

These are the herbs that you can use as your natural acne scar removal:
Aloe Vera is one of the most well loved herbs to cure scars. When applied directly to your scar wounds, you can encounter the soothing effect it has on your skin. Its juice or gel exfoliates dead skin cells to erase Continue reading

iPhone4 is coming to Verizon

IPhone 4. Pheww what a marketing blitz. Verizon is in a news conference on CNN right now and is talking about their deal with apple to start offering iPhone4. I personally don’t see what’s the big deal in the iPhone at all. Continue reading

How to make money online?

Traffic is the only one that will bring the money in. Imagine you have one site pulling in 5 dollars per day off of the ads you have on that site. Not much money right? But if you have 10 of those sites with different subjects of course, that makes it 50 dollars per day income. Continue reading

Car Insurance in England

In Britain car insurance companies are let to scam people any which way they like to. I don’t like them and they don’t like me or anyone else. Britain is an island thus most of everything is exported into the country as they don’t have the facilities to manufacture everything they buy. Cars are some of these exported things. Continue reading

We have made a sale

VISA. Supposed to be accepted worldwide by who knows how many millions of outfits. Well, Not in England. Some of the UK retailers (online) would not accept the VISA card of hers. Why? Continue reading

Cheaper than UK diesel fuel price

Cheap fuel prices in Europe compare to the UK. Motorists in the United Kingdom are paying through the nose for Diesel and Gasoline at the pump. Car fuel is very expensive. We can’t blame the petrol station owners or their distributor, but the high taxes by the government.