Adsense not paying it’s publishers

Why adsense is not paying it’s publishers? When you visit a website you see Google advertisements scattered on the pages. This is called monetizing your website. Meaning; website owners can sign up with Google as a publisher, (publishing Google ads on their site) and when someone clicks on one of those ads, you, the site’s owner should get paid for that click.

This is the theory!!! In reality many many website owners are not getting paid by Google. Why? No one knows why because Google is not responding to any of their millions of requests. Yeah, millions. Of course I see they would not have the manpower to answer all the requests and investigate, but at least they should answer a few thousands of those and explain their position so that others who are searching for an answer can find at least some sort of information. I am one of those needing information from them as I am not getting paid on the clicks my sites generate from a worldwide audience.

Right now millions of websites are displaying Google ads for FREE as the result. Why don’t they take those ads off and replace them with something else? The reason behind that, is HOPE. Hope that they might get paid.

There are rumors on the net that you can make good money with Google adsense. (called Adsense because at the time when it was established Google was advertising it as make sense to put our ads on your pages because you get paid for the clicks you generate) . Than came some fraudulent clicks when people were clicking their own ads on their own sites to make money.

Google got smart and implemented some Artificial intelligence in their programming to screen these fraudulent clicks out. Also if it became obvious that someone was clicking their own ads, or many of the clicks originated from the same IP address, Goggle banned and still banning those publishers from publishing Adsense on their sites, locking them out of their advertising network.

Understandable because someone have to pay for those clicks and that someone is the person or company that pays google to display their ads on their publisher network sites.

That’s all nice and rosy but millions of honest publishers are not getting paid at all, as google now claims they are not counting every click because (according to them) some of those might be fraudulent and it’s a built in defense mechanism against fraudulent clicks. This one combined with them not responding to any of the requests or complains from honest website owners, makes them pretty much worthless.

Yes there are websites that makes 4,5 or even six figures income from displaying google ads, but those sites are few and far in between. Large sites with millions of visitors. But the average website will not make 20 dollars per year. So this is what keeps those website owners form taking their adsense ads off and replace them with someone else’s like infolinks or CPA networks such as Maxbounty or Commission Junction or many others out there.

This $20 or less dollars per year? No it’s not. It’s psychological. The rumors that they might make big money with adsense and the fear of loosing and rejection. Nobody likes to loose or be rejected.

Google’s psychologists had figured this out long time ago. Give something to the people and than try to take it away. They’ll do anything to hold onto it. No matter how mediocre the promised benefits are, people want it and they are ready to give up bigger things for it if they feel they are going to loose it. The fear of loosing and rejection. Rejection from the Google Adsense program.

Google sets it’s own rules for it’s adsense publishers. You can’t do this and you can’t do that. You can’t take advertisements from this company or form that. You can’t have this kinds of ads on you site or that. If you are not adhering to their rules. You will be ejected out of their adsense network. People hate to be rejected or ejected from somthing they already have or part of. Simple psychology.

So with this in mind Are you ready to switch if Google still not solving their click and pay system, or are you gonna still hope and pray you might get paid as per your contractual agreement with google. You had kept your end of the agreement and they have not. Are you still giving them a chance? For how long? Another year and another 20 down the drain or switch to another one and rake in the profits?

Remember, the majority of websites will make less than $20 per year. Most of them will even earn below $10 per year.

I don’t think it’s worth the hustle of holding your sites ambition and potential back for those few dollars, when there are many other affiliate programs that people make a lot more with.

If goggle doesn’t wants to answer their bread and butter publisher partner’s questions, than close the door on them and go somewhere else. Arrogance can’t go too far before it comes back. Why stick around if adsense is not paying it’s publishers?

Here are some posts but you can search for “adsense is not paying for clicks and see tons of resulting discussions. None of them have any useful answers but only speculations.

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