Amazon hard to find the shipping cost

I Recently started a shopping service and noticed on Amazon the shipping cost is very hard to find.

Unlike on Ebay where the shipping cost per item is displayed in a prominent spot, right under the listing’s price, on Amazon it’s hidden somewhere where one have to browse up and down the page or even pages to find it.

With a recent purchase I have made, I couldn’t even find it only if I went through the shopping cart buying process to the very end before you authorize the card payment. It was a PS game DVD and the customer chose the item, so it’s their money, but it’s annoying as hell. A simple PS game DVD costing $9.99 the shipping rate turned out to be $4.98 dollars within the continental US. A very expensive shipping cost.

Amazon makes huge money on the shipping in my opinion. They are pushing the “Free super saver” shipping on orders of $25 dollars or more. That link you can find all over the page. But what if an item is less then that? Well, go through the shopping cart process and find out at the end.

There is nothing wrong with charging high shipping cost on Amazon if the buyer accept it. What’s wrong is they are hiding the cost of shipping.

I really hate buying anything on Amazon for this reason. If I can I avoid it and find the same item on Ebay or somewhere else. The prices are competitive and at least I know the shipping cost up front and if I want to see it, it’s right there in front of me right under the price. Save me a lot of time and aggravation.

I don’t understand why Amazon can’t display the shipping cost right under or next to the price where it should be, instead of playing hide and seek.

Did anyone else noticed the shipping cost hidden on Amazon? How hard would it be to put the shipping rate box right by the price of an item?

The question is Why don’t they want it there?

Amazon hard to find the shipping cost



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