Antibiotics – Acne Cure Or Curse?

MRSA or better know as (methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus). This is a staph infection that is very hard to cure. It is a bug that has become resistant to any kind of antibiotic.

It seems as if it is getting worse though, just last weekend a friend of mine who had been vacationing in Mexico got infected with it and had been fighting it with three different antibiotics.

The reason for this resistance is that for years antibiotics have been over-prescribed and over-used. As this has happened, the bacteria they are designed to help us with has mutated, leaving stronger and stronger organisms immune to the antibiotics available.

There have been countless interviews on MRSA and antibiotic use, to treat acne. It is a real problem because antibiotics should work well on acne (keep reading as it really doesn’t), since the bacteria lives just on or below the skin’s surface.

Much of the adult acne clients  are a direct result of Candida Yeast over-growth stemming from over-use of antibiotics. You can find more about this in detail in  this  book  “Acne Free in 3 Days“.

This yeast produces a toxin in the digestive tract that over-stimulates the immune system. The result is often a flare up in skin conditions like acne, rosacea, and eczema.
This was one of the main problems I had internally with my own acne battle (there were external issues as well which I addressed with the right skin care products) and once I addressed it there have been no more major acne breakouts.

The Biggest Problem With Antibiotics

Antibiotics used correctly can be a miracle of science. However, they are not the end all to disease, and the over-use of them is now showing up in our hospitals, schools, and homes.
Antibiotics work by killing harmful bacteria. Unfortunately, they also kill off the good and NECESSARY bacteria that keep us healthy and alive.

Once this happens, naturally occurring yeasts get out of hand and cause more serious problems in the body. This can even cause death. Science is finally linking these yeast problems to many chronic health conditions.
Worse yet, now there is new information out that our foods are contaminated with antibiotics! I am sharing this link to the article here for you:
Read The Contaminated Foods Article Here


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