Banks are closing accounts for no reason

HSBC Bank in the United Kingdom, the nefarious money laundering bank for drug cartels and other crime organizations that is occasionally was and is still in the news, sticks it to the small everyday people too by closing their simple everyday checking account in the UK.

As a matter of fact, in the UK it is completely legal for a bank to close anyones account if they don’t like the way someone looks at them. In the UK you just never know what and when an entity will harm you in some way. Other British companies are just as arrogant. They simply tell you if you don’t like what they do take your business somewhere else. Simple as that.

This bank is not any different and you just never know when your banking services will be closed. Within the past year (12 months) several of my friends and their friends in different professions and employment had their account closed from one day to another with no reason, including business as well as personal accounts.

Today it was my turn. Got a letter form them stating my account will be closed in two months time for what ever reason (not given) and transfer the bill payments I make through their bank to another bank or else they’ll default when time comes.
Now, what a shitface company is this?? They are readily wishy washy billions for drug and crime cartels, but close the small accounts. They are happily paying out hundreds of millions in fines, but don’t want the small accounts of those that only working for the money and making just a few hundred or thousands Pounds per month.

Of course these are supposedly government instructions as I understand just carried way way too far in my opinion.

By closing someones bank account the bank puts out a flag towards the other banks to warn them about that person and as a result they might not be able to open another bank account or if they have one that might gets cancelled as the result.

That’s fine if they only do local shopping and payments in cash, but run into trouble if their employer is depositing their wages to a bank account. This might bring loosing of their job too if the employer can’t give it to them in cash.

Cash we came to and now all those people are dealing only in cash which falls outside of the the authorities ability to check it’s source. Which in turn leaves billions to spend locally in the pocket of these bankless people.

I wouldn’t be surprised if in about ten years or so the cash business wouldn’t be stronger then ever was which is totally legit and right under the current circumstances.

Stopping money laundering and promoting it at the same time. That’s all it boils down to. Stopping money laundering. But what is this if not promoting it, by forcing people to only use cash that can’t be traced. people are resourceful and will get money if they want to eat and have electricity and other services. they just use paypoint services to pay their bills, buy electricity, gas, or anything else they want and keep the rest of the money in their pocket.

One can easily save up enough money to buy a house for cash. Give it to the seller and let him declare it if he wants to. Buy cars with cash and sell them for cash. Buy anything with cash and sell anything for cash. Locking the banks and the government out of the deal.

I have no idea how is this good business for the government.