BREXIT as a Circus Performance

Brexit happened and the first part is gone to history. Many British citizen feel it was based on lies, deceit and the whole thing was nothing but fraud.
The leave campaign was lying as much as they could, the Remain campaign were trying to create paranoia instead of lies.

The day after the vote, news reporters were stopping random people on the streets in the UK asking them what do they think, but by that time the lies surfaced, so, many said had they know they would’ve voted differently.
People are feeling cheated and millions demand a new referendum. The leave campaign don’t want that regardless to the fact they were the ones saying “if we only lose by a few percentage points, we’ll demand a second referendum”. Well, if it’s good for the goose it’s got to be good for the gender too.

Now it’s time for the second round of votes, but the parliament is in shambles, the British “leadership” don’t want to take responsibility for anything relating to Brexit.
Typical British attitude “we just let it slide and things will solve themselves”.

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