Can You Drive a Car in Britain

Driving in Britain

Well? Can you? You might not!

The Britts are a bit weird and the world is aware of that. But it gets weirder when it comes to drive a car even if you have a driving license.

I am not talking about driving on the left hand side, but I am talking about your license might not be usable in Britain, Unless…….

You rent a car, or own a car and is insured  in your own name,  or if you are a foreigner and bring your own car from your own country, or you are employed as a driver by a company and you drive the company car.

These are your only options! In Brittland even if you have a driver license you are not allowed to drive a car if you don’t meet the above conditions.  Why?

In the USA or in the rest of the world if you have a driver license you can just hop into your friend’s or anybody’s car and drive it. In Britain that would be 6 points on your license, and at least a £200 pounds fine, plus the car would be towed to a pound at your cost of £150 pounds, plus £25 pounds per day storage fee.

Weird huh? Why? Because in Britain you can’t drive other’s car unless you have your name on the their insurance certificate or you own a British registered car with insurance on it and that insurance spells out -you are allowed to drive other cars.

I told you the British are weird people. Their thinking match no other in the world.

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