Can’t access google account

12 Oct, 2010

“You’re signed into your Google Account but this is not a valid AdSense login. If you’re an AdSense Publisher, try signing in using your AdSense email and password.”

This is the message that comes up when I try to access my adsense account.

In webmaster central the log in just cycles itself  and ask if I forgot my password.

It seems no one know the answer to the solution not even google itself. There has to be a virus or a bug in google’s own system.

When you type in your password the sign in window comes up again and the cycle just repeats itself over and over and over again.

The only solution that works for me is a password reset. I have to click on the forgot my password link and they’ll send a link to my email address which is not google and than clicking on the link in it I have to reset the password and click the continue button and than I am taken to my webmaster account so from there I can access my AdSense and all google account.

It’s a bugger to deal with it but until google figures out the bug or virus in their system there is nothing else available. I am using firefox, chrome and internet explorer8 and does this with every one of them.

Just recently I started to get the google “i am sorry it seems like your computer or someone from the same ip address sending automatic requests” message when I am trying to do a google search. I am sure this is no coincidence and I am sure it’s a google virus. TOS or no TOS. (terms of service) There are too many coincidences going on lately.

I think with all the information collecting and google and yahoo and all others trying to get more info onto their sites there are a lot of spoofing and spying add-ons are installed without our knowledge. Some of these are clashing with each other until they are fixed.

The automatic search querry error was fixed by emptying all the private data in firefox except my passwords.  (tools-options-privacy and than empty the private data down towards the bottom of the screen.)

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