How to Spin Articles

Spinning articles is common among internet marketers.
What is spinning articles? When you have an article (a block of text if you will) and you are using a software that inserts pre-set words at different intervals, replacing the original word.

iPhone4 is coming to Verizon

IPhone 4. Pheww what a marketing blitz. Verizon is in a news conference on CNN right now and is talking about their deal with apple to start offering iPhone4. I personally don’t see what’s the big deal in the iPhone at all.

Help With Making a Website

How easy would it be if instead of bothering to write a nonchalant answer, spend a minute and say ” open the template’s index.php with notepad++ or some other editor and change line 65 from this to that” .

Ebay Scam Emails

Ebay is no exception of these scam senders. Here is an email I have recently gotten from one of these trash people and it’s very convincing.