Insurance companies sells drivers details in UK

Yet the Insurance companies are selling drivers details to make even more money, according to Daily Mail . Encouraging law firms and injury lawyers to contact people who suffers some sort of car accident to try to talk them into filing compensation claims.
Car drivers are already paying through the nose in Britain for the car insurance thanx to the faceless skinless scamer rampant running British insurance industry. Read this article to see how much is an average British driver pays for their annual car insurance.

Get a car insurance in Britain if you want to drive

In Britain you are required to have your name on the car insurance certificate if you are driving that car.Meaning; unlike in the rest of the world where if you have a drivers license you can drive any car, in Britain you can’t!!! You have to have your name included in the insurance of that one particular car, or own a car on your name and a valid insurance on it.

Car Insurance in England

In Britain car insurance companies are let to scam people any which way they like to. I don’t like them and they don’t like me or anyone else. Britain is an island thus most of everything is exported into the country as they don’t have the facilities to manufacture everything they buy. Cars are some of these exported things.