Change in google search results

Google is at it again. changing it’s algorithm. To better up the quality score they have decided that when someone is searching for a certain website that means the person is interested in that site so the first seven (7) search results will be from that site.

Like up until now one website could only had 2 page results displayed now they can have 7 if it’s relevant to the search.

I think the first page of google search just became unattractive to many webmasters as most people including me don’t like to go to the bottom of the search pages.  I rather click on the second page and look at the top results there. That means the top of the second page will be the one to shoot for as far as SEO  goes.

Interesting. Might as well give the first search results page to one company and start with the second page!


    1. Well, google gearing towards local results on the first pages and this one combined will take up pretty much all of the first page. I think the first three results will be replaced by local listings. Which is relevant to searches.
      Second page’ll be more valuable pretty soon.Of course we’ll see when we’ll see.

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