Child is going blind because of cat urine?

A child in Hungary is going blind as the result of playing in sandbox in which cats and other animals possibly urinated.

Toxoplasma gondii is a parasite carried by cats and other warm blooded animals can cause severe conditions.

In Hungary a child who was frequenting the neighborhood playground and it’s sandbox must have rubbed her eyes after playing with the sand that used by cats and other animals.

The symptoms had started with her left eye getting cross eyed and progressed after that. Her doctor were not able to find anything, but the worried parents had taken her to see several specialists and they’ve discovered she was infected by the Toxoplasma gondiiĀ  parasite.

Pregnant mothers have to be especially aware of this because if they get somehow infected through their cat by this parasite, their baby could be in great danger.

You can read more about this parasite here

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