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If you are selling on Ebay I am sure you’ve noticed lately Ebay is having free listings weekends

this doesn’t mean you can list an unlimited items for free. It means you can list up to 100 items free per month, including one (1) photo with each item.

Other Ebay seller fees still apply tho. The FREE Listing means only the listing fee is waved by Ebay. Final value fee and upgrade fee, -like extra photos, bigger photos, buy it now, reserve, etc. is not included in this campaign. Ebay Paypal Fees also apply if an item sells

Plus, you still have to pay the Ebay final value fee. (sellers fee) Which is 10% of the total selling price, INCLUDING the Postage you charge, for posting it to the buyer, and the Paypal fee of 3.4%=20 cents fee if the buyer pays using Paypal.

You can only list items individually, meaning you can’t use Ebay listing tools, such as Turbo Lister or Listing Designer.

Ebay lately had some drop of business and shareholders and corporate didn’t like that at all. To spruce it up, they’ve came up with the FREE Listing weekends idea. They don’t offer free listings every weekend. Just when they feel like so. Once or twice per month. They send you an email if you have an Ebay account.

What you can do is list all your junk or low value items on these free listing weekends at the price you want to sell them for. For an example, you have a faulty mobile/cell phone or some baby clothes or whatever just lying around and you know it’s not going to be bid up high enough where it would be worth to sell it. List it for a price you like to get. Say on regular days, a faulty mobile/cell phone might be bid up to 5 dollars if you are luckcy. On free listing days you can list it at a higher starting price (say about 9.99) and probably get it.

Remember, you can’t use Ebay listing tools. Have to click on the “sell an item” button on the top and do them individually. There you can use the “quick listing” feature to speed things up.

I had a faulty blackberry 8800 listed for sale with the starting price of 0.99 pence (British) there was no takers. On a free listing weekend I listed it at 20 Pounds and on the third occasion someone took it.

If an item don’t sell on free listing weekends, you have not lost anything.┬áNow, if I had been doing this when there is no free listing weekend, this would cost me money, because of the listing fee, which you still have to be paid even if your item don’t sell.

So, listing 100 items per month for free, could save you an easy 50 dollars + or pounds or euro or whatever money is your local Ebay site is using.


I had some junk lying around the house and I listed them on free weekends. Some sold, most didn’t. The next free listing period came and I re-listed them again. Some of them has been sold and some didn’t. I have been doing this every time there is a free listing weekend on Ebay and every time something will sell.

This method is good for me, but also good for Ebay. We both make money, we wouldn’t make otherwise.

The other free listing method Ebay offers is, if you list an item for 0.99 cents (or whatever currency your local Ebay site have) or below.

Again. Up to 100 items are free per month. Your items have to be listed at or below 0.99 cents.

The other thing to remember and check out is, not everything can be listed for free. Like cars for an example or some other stuff. You need to read the terms for the free listings to make sure it applies to whatever you would want to sell on Ebay.

Free listings on Ebay.

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