Google and Browsing the web

Well well. Surprising discovery today during browsing.

I was always using google as search provider but today the re-direction and slow searches got so much worse I’ve decided to switch to Yahoo search. And voila, the search results started to pop-up as they should. It seems to me google brother is doing too many searches itself in people’s computers and slowing the main purpose of why people are using it for.

I don’t know if this only happens in the UK but it’s sure is annoying as hell. You type in your search into google and waiting and waiting and waiting for the results to come up. Than you click on a result and bammmm you get redirected to some other page. Now you have to click the back button several times to get rid of that persistent redirection google implemented and finally you are going to be able to get to your chosen page.

When my browser gets redirected I have to click on the back arrow several times or else the same redirected page comes up and the funny thing is, it’s always a full page ad. Never a real website but always a full page advert of some website.

I am sure this one is not a coincidence but someone is getting big money for displaying that advert.

If most people are like me they are not even looking at it but clicking the back button. That advert is a wasted money for the site’s owner. I am not even sure why would any website owner buy a full page size advert. No one is looking at them because they are unexpected and all web users are suffering from information overload anyway. Who the hell wants to look at some management site when I am looking for washing machine parts.

Anyway. I am going to use Yahoo for a while now and check back to google once in the while to see if they had made any changes to their algorithm as they call it.  There might have more results but for now Yahoo is more reliable for me.


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