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Well, it gave me a hell of a time to figure this out. Google webmaster couldn’t verify the sitemap for one of my site. The site has an http: prefix and webmaster was having an www:  prefix. I’ve made new sitemaps and uploaded them to no avail. the  description in webmaster gives very vague details of the problem. So this morning I set out to figure it out and sure enough after some time I saw the problem.

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The above mentioned prefix.

Somehow in webmaster the prefix was changed from http: to www. thus google was not recognizing my site and that caused no information of my site in google either.

I couldn’t find an edit button or anything in webmaster to edit the site’s name so I just added a new site with the http: prefix (http:mysite. whatever) uploaded the webmaster verification script to the root of the site and after that just submitted a new sitemap and webmaster had no trouble verifying it and there they were all my links and info back in google. I just deleted the site with the www. prefix from my webmaster account. Problem solved.

Hope this helps someone having the same problem.


    1. Hi. Thanx for visiting. Well… I don’t know much about it either. I guess you know much more than I do, but I would google it. google for SEM and than on the right sidebar top are, there is a link where it says “more” and if you click on that opens up some more options and click on blogs. brings up blogs where people talk about these kinds of things. So good luck to those who wants to learn and let us know your experience. Cheers

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