How to make money online?

Making money online is a dream for many. But How to earn money online?

One method is to have an offline business and make a website promoting your offline business online. Others are website/s, affiliate sites, Google AdSense on your website, other adverts on your website/s.

Sometimes the idea just have to be freshen up and brought back into memory in order to act on it. Many of us had learned a great deal of how to make money online but with new information we get every day sometimes we forget what we’ve learnt in the past. Information overload.

Most sites make money online through ads placed on their site/s. Something like AdSense,  Chitika, or affiliate programs like, Commision Junction, Click Bank, also Article Writing and submitting them to article sites like Ezine Articles, Digg, Hub pages, etc. can make you money.

When you see some people making huge amounts of money online, none of them makes that just having one website. Some of them have hundreds of websites with hundreds of ads and affiliate offers running on them. The more sites, the more traffic you’ll get combined.

Traffic is the only one that will bring the money in. Imagine you have one site pulling in 5 dollars per day off of the ads you have on that site. Not much money right? But if you have 10 of those sites with different subjects of course, that makes it 50 dollars per day income. You have to work those sites too in order for them to make money. New content update at least weekly.

If you have a great product to sell that’ll make you money on the selling side. Whatever interests you is interesting millions. So there is no need to think much about what kind of website to make? Choose what you are interested in and make a site of that subject.

Once you have the site up and running visit forums and leave comments with you sites address in your profile or even in your comment. No more than once or else it’ll be spam category and never will make it to the comment page.

Use ad-words or chitika or Facebook, etc. or other online advertisers to promote the site. Yeah, they cost some money but if you learn their programs you can find the ways to advertise cheap. For like 1 cent per click.

Unless you are giving away money for free on your site you are not going to have a whole lot of traffic. Especially at the beginning, so you need to look into using forums, articles,  and pay per ad sites like Google ad-words.

Now if you are using ad-words and AdSense for an example on your site, you have to make sure you also have something for sale on that site and the site is updated regularly or else your account will be closed quickly. In order to use ad-sense you have to have something for sale on your site. A physical product or an e-book, or some idea, or a franchise or something. No link exchanges, no cheats, no clicking by friends because all can be traced back and you will get banned for life.


  1. 2. I made a post for every episode of the show I was doing, with each post being a recap of the episode that I got from online episode guides, and then an SEO’d title like Watch Seinfeld S01E01 – Pilot episode. Then I went to and dugg each individual post since that will get you high in search engines (probably first page) for that show, and you will get some clicks.

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