How to put adsense in webplus text frame

How to put adsense ads in Webplus in between text.

I am using Webplus x4 and I think the other versions have the same workings. Webplus adsense code

You can put adsense outside of the text area easily by clicking the little “insert html code” button on the left side bar and paste the code into the body.

Practically you do the same if you want to to put adsense code inside the text area. The only difference is that you have to wrap it in a float code or else it’ll overlap the text. Here is the code I am using  <div style=”display: block; float: right; margin: 5px;”>AdSense code here</div> 

Copy this code to notepad and where it says “adsense code here” that’s where you paste your adsense code.  Than you highlight the whole thing and copy.

The way you have to put it in the text is as follows; in webplus put your cursor at the beginning of the line where you want the code to appear. (don’t worry about if you want it at the right or left, because it’ll float it there. You can only put the html code box at the beginning of the line anyway, using this)

Now in webplus you have your cursor at the beginning of the line and than click the “insert html code” button on the left side bar. (second up from the bottom)

You’ll see the little white box where your cursor was. Double click it and it’ll open up the paste window. paste the entire code form the notepad to the body and hit enter. Now you preview in a browser and wait until Adsense is loaded and you have your code in the text without overlapping it, floating to the right or left or center. You can change the float in the code to left, right, or nothing. if nothing, it’ll float center.

You might notice the text right before or after the code will be the color of the adsense letters. I couldn’t figure out why, but than I highlighted that text and used the right click/format/fill tool to color it to the color of the rest of the text and it worked.

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