Immigration and Global economy, global jet setting, global dreams.

I get right to the point. Immigrants in your country. How do you fell about them? I personally think they add value and riches. Why? Because they create new jobs, start new companies, pay taxes, take on jobs the natives don’t want to do.

How do they create new jobs and start new companies?

Since they usually don’t speak the language of their new country, they have to take all the mediocre jobs the natives are not willing to take and with this they make the company that hired them stronger, making it able to grow and take on more contracts.  They are steady and reliable employees. Do the best they can on the job.

How do they create new companies? They arrive with a dream of one day becoming their own boss and to have a better life. Once they’ve learned the language enough and saved some money, they start looking for opportunities and start something on their own. The opportunities are given to the natives too, but they don’t want them or just plain blind.

The immigrant starts a company and hires other immigrants or even natives to help him grow it. Thus creating new jobs and more tax revenue.

In the UK or in the USA and large part of Europe the natives don’t see it that way. They see them as the ones responsible for their unfortune of loosing their jobs. Not so. While the jobs were there for the natives too, they didn’t want to take them. Why? Because those are not very good jobs. Say working in a chicken factory in the stink all day, gutting chicken. Or working on the farm picking strawberries or some other back breaking  jobs.

The immigrants don’t mind it. They are tired and hurt just like natives, but they have a vision and a dream. The natives have the dream but no vision and they are not willing to do anything to reach their dreams, but to blame the immigrants for their own misfortune.

I know of a furniture factory here in the UK where they only employ immigrants because of their reliability and hard work ethics. Those people at the factory are working 14-15 hour days. None of the natives wants that job. Although it pays really good. About £700 per week.

There are many jobs available for natives. If two people would approach me looking for a job, one is a native and one is an immigrant, I would hire the native first because I would be able to communicate with them. Unlike an immigrant that don’t speak the language would have a hard time to communicate.

Although they are easy to teach, it would take effort and time and resources to do so. In the end I am most likely end up hiring the immigrant because the native not going to show up, or they won’t like the money or the work, or I am not gonna get any native inquiring about the job opening.

So what do you think why all those immigrants are hired by all those employers?

When you walk down the street seeing all those small shops selling fruits and vegetables, the gas stations, the restaurants, the hotels and motels, the little corner stores.

Well, they would not be there for your convenience if it wasn’t for the immigrants. The natives don’t do those kinds of things. Those immigrants are paying in billions in taxes the natives are getting as benefits.

The immigrants don’t like handouts so they most likely not going to go for any benefits. They are used to making it on their own.

So what do you think what would you do if there were  no immigrant nurses to change your bedding in the hospital. There was no corner store, or any convenience they bring to you?

It’s a bummer huh? You need them as much as they need you!

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