iPhone4 is coming to Verizon

Verizon is an American telecommunications company.

IPhone 4. Pheww what a marketing blitz. Verizon is in a news conference on CNN  right now and is talking about their deal with apple to start offering iPhone4. I personally don’t see what’s the big deal in the iPhone at all. The apps cost money and many of them are expensive and the free ones arent’ much worth to download. I’ve had a couple of them but I never really liked them as much as I like an HTC phone.

iPhone owners are tied to apple store for everything. The iTunes application is cumbersome, intrusive and slows the pc down. The iPhone cable is not universal like mini USB cable. iPod- iPhone cables and chargers, USB cables,aren’t interchangeable. I tried to use an iPod charger with iPhone and did not charged the phone.

I would recommend HTC on the other hand. The new ones are Android operating system and the older ones are Windows operating system. They are proven easy to work with, reliable systems. Millions of free apps of any nature you want. They are extremely easy to connect to the pc with a simple mini usb cable. Just plug in and you are ready to go. (With iPhone you have to fiddle and configure and keep doing it every time you want to install something.)

They have built in wireless and SirfIII GPS chips for navigation. Microsoft office applications such as excel, word, PP etc.  Easy to use, fun playfull interface.

The new HTC phones such as the Desire HD has an outstanding 8 megapixel camera for photos and video conferencing. A blazing fast 1Ghz cpu, built in GPS that uses the free Google maps with satellite navigation. (who needs tomtom anymore)

The screen is a bit larger than the iPhone and extra sharp and crisp. Faster than the iPhone and better than the iPhone. Beats it twice over.  The internet is blazing fast. As soon as you press the return key you are on the site. YouTube plays like if it was in your own living room.  Millions of the free excellent programs you can choose for anything you want.  (literally millions)  iPhone might have around 300,000 thousand but they are meager compare to the android or windows phones.

I agree tho. A phone is a phone and nothing else. But iPhone is an overpriced gadget with lotsa money to market it with. Nothing is wrong with an iPhone as a phone except perhaps that it breaks easily and for seemingly no reason at all. So if you want an everyday phone, get an iPhone. If you want an entertainment center, a database and a business phone, on the go, get an HTC.  You won’t be sorry.

Today,3rd of February 2011 Verizon announced the following.


The throttling of the speed of iPhones.


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