Keyword search results

I am sure many experienced SEO marketers know this, but not to many newbies are aware of how big is their niche (or market) for a main keyword.

Using Google or any other search engine all you need to do is just type in your single word main keyword for the niche. Say if your niche is “migraine“, just type in the word migraine, without quotes or brackets and the true search result will show.  The result will include all the variations for the word migraine, because even if you are searching for -migraine headaches, or how to cure migraines , or eye migraine, the word migraine will be in it.

So when you’re searching for a niche the single main keyword will give you the size of your market.

Using keyword SEO on websites is different because most of the time we target phrases and not individual words because phrases are less competitive and easier to achieve success. (get ranked) Ranking is important because that’s what puts your site on the first page of Google.

When you target a phrase;  example; -migraine headache symptoms-  and you don’t use quotation marks or brackets, google will match every word in your phrase and comes up with many many more results than the actual market for the main keyword itself. In the example shown it would match up, migraine, headache and symptoms separately thus you will get results for symptoms, headache and migraine all in the same search result.

On the other hand if you include the quotation marks at the end and beginning like “migraine headache symptoms” you only get search results for what’s in that phrase. If you include brackets around the phrase [migraine headache symptoms] you will get the exact result for the sentence.

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