That’s Migraine in the Hindi language.

Many people are looking for Migraine Relief in India. The reason behind that is the spicy food and the hot weather.

As we know those two are a very strong triggers for migraine sufferers. India has perhaps the highest number of migraine sufferers in the world. Primarely because of the number of population and the other is the spicy food.

Spicy food is one of the no-nos when one is suffering from migraine. Read What food cause migraines?  Spicy foods and even bananas can cause it.

I know most people are very poor in India and have not much money to get medicines. However if they would spend some money on vitamins, that would greatly reduce the amount of migraine occurrences. Lack of the proper nutritions and vitamins in our diet effects the balance of the body and without us even knowing can put more stress on the mind. Like when we don’t drink enough water. We feel completely alright, but something is just not right. The sign of dehydration!

Lack of nutritions and vitamins have the same effects we just can’t pinpoint the cause.

Try this Migraine Relief . I have been using this for a couple of years now and I can eat anything without getting migraines yet I had been a chronic migraine sufferer before. I know there are other reliefs out there that has more or less success, but with this I am very satisfied. Cheap to buy and very powerful for me. Nothing else I’ve tried helped me as much as this one has.

Research is ongoing about migraines but because of it’s widespread causes they have not been able to come up with a definite solution. Painkillers give us psychological satisfaction but not much more.


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