Dog import to the UK

Eastern European dogs are finding their way to England.

Lately the British news media is running a major smear campaign about importing dogs into the UK by so called “Unscrupulous Smugglers” for sale. Which they are not, because the dogs are coming into the UK perfectly legally, with passport micro chipped, vaccinated against rabies full worm treatment, VET checked and all the legal papers which are also checked at the border control for legality and all the papers and vaccination, treatment and chip have to be in order to let them through. So, they are bringing them in legally and not smuggling.


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The persistent and nasty redirect virus that affects most of britain

So here is what I do. When I click on a link and the page don’t load in a second or two I close the new window or click on the back arrow to take me back to the page the link is on and I click again.
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I miss my Mommy and Daddy-Deportation order

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