Paying by PayPal

After reading this article on the I was wondering how long is paypal a safe online paying service for internet marketing.  Paranoia is very easy to sell (see the car insurance industry)

I know stealing other’s intellectual stuff is not nice and all that, but many online marketers are making a living off of those kinds of sites and use paypal to get their comission transferred to.

How? Well, they are very popular sites first of all with tonnes of visitors who clicks on ads they see on the website. Every click is worth some penny and they add up fast.

Pretty soon we all have to verify to google or to yahoo or to whatever sites we want to partner with, whether we have a safe/original site content certificate or not.

What is an illegal website anyway? An illegal online store? Because websites are nothing else but online stores no matter what their content is.

So who is gonna be the safe content site certification organization? The american government? Seems like they are shooting for the job. The trouble with that is they corrupt. Why? Because big industry always dominated in america and the internet is a huge industry. See the oil and banking industry. They are dominating american policies. Money is king and big corporations like the movie and entertainment industry sure has their footprint in american politics.

So, do we wonder if they are irked by the websites they don’t make profit off of? No we don’t wonder. if those sites would give them part of their income, the indistry would not say a word about them. But since they are all over the world they are going after the money transfer companies like Paypal which is one of the largest.

I am sure their are many more of those that are outside of american jurisdiction and many internet marketers will switch to them if time comes, because one never know what the americans won’t like in the future. Internet marketing is still in baby shoes and finding it’s way around. the opportunities are endless and so is, making money using it.


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