Price increase stocks bonds and public companies

Distroying the world’s economy, price increase, poverty, unemployement, creating poor and uneducated people.

Who is responsible for the demise?

Nobody else but public companies. A bunch of greedy obnoxious  egotistical people who runs them and promotes them

Why is that?

Walmart, Tesco, The Oil companies, Microsoft, Apple, and a whole long list of others, including anyone who buys stocks in them are distroying our life and world. They are criminals and nothing else.

These companies that are for nothing else but profit and people who invest in them are responsible for all the damage to the worlds economic disaster.

Of course we all want better life and that means more money, but while used to people and companies had to work for their money and growing by re investing in  small projects that helped the local economy today these worldwide conglomerates don’t do anything useful but manipulating those local economies.

A public company can only survive if people buy shares in them. If they would stop they would all close their doors. But since people buy shares, these companies now have to make profit for those shareholders or else they’ll take their money somewhere else. But how to make profit?

Since all these companies deal in some sort of commodity, they raise the prices and that brings an avalanche of price increases for all of us. Costing us a lot of money compare to our salaries.

Walmart, Tesco, Exxon etc. Showing record profits into the hundreds of billions of dollars per year. To them this is nothing but a game. Lets see how much can we increase our profits this year!

To the rest of the world this is disaster. Families will fall apart, people will kill themselves, kill others and the crime rate will increase.  If people don’t buy for lack of money, they’ll increase their prices again and that’ll triggers all the small retailers to increase theirs creating even more pressure.

The companies employing the billions can’t give their employees more money because the raw materials they  use, (let that be a finished product of a Stereo or telefon or a roll of sheet metal) cost so much they wouldn’t be able to buy it if they pay the money out for salaries and than they would have to close the door. So they struggle for awhile and either increase their prices or close up. With that comes another price increase and the people will buy less.

The public company to satisfy it’s shareholder will increase their price again in order to make more profit.

I think this should be stopped or regulated by government to cap either prices or price increase. If the fuel price goes up by 5 cents, there is no reason for the store to increase it’s price on every item by 5 or 10 percent blaming the fuel and delivery price increase.

A block of butter in my local store a year and half ago was £0.59 penny today, that same butter £1.21. More than a `100 percent price increase in a very very short time. The butter is just one example of the hundreds and thousands of items that doubled in price in the same time period. These are items people buy every day. These are necessities. At the same time, the price of mobile phones dropped to the point where they are giving them away for free. Along with other items that nobody buys, but cost much more to produce than a pot of butter.

At the same time, the farmers are getting less for their produce, including the milk the butter is made of.

Public companies and anyone who invest in them are the leaches and parasites of everyone’s well being.

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