Renault Master 2006 mass airflow

Where is the 2006 Renault master 2.5 dci 100 mass air flow valve sensor?

My renault master dci 100 2.5 liter diesel van felt sluggish and after talking to several people and reading forum posts on the internet I came to the conclusion that it must be the mass air flow valve. I was looking here and there and couldn’t find it where its supposed to be in between the air filter box and the big pipe going out of it.

The van was not pulling on acceleration and was using too much fuel. It turns out the 2006 renault master dci 100 van don’t have a mass air flow valve. The pipe from the air filter box goes straight through to the turbo.

Next I checked the pipes coming out of the turbo. There are two. One to the air filter box which was alright. The one going to the inter cooler was loosed at the turbo end and I had to tighten it. While I was at it I saw the fuel filter housing and the priming bulb (rubber ball looking thing you have to press several times in order to purge the air out of the fuel line) for the diesel which is located at the right side of the van just behind the headlamp.

I’ve noticed wet under the filter housing and wiped it clean. I’ve started to pump on the primer pump and first it felt soft, but hardened up after a few pumps. Later on I’ve noticed wet under it again and was thinking maybe I didn’t wiped it up dry enough and wiped again and just as a second thought I started to pump the primer pump a few times and it was soft first but it tightened up after a few pumps. I noticed I had diesel on my finger.

I figured I change the fuel filter and fix the leak at the same time. Changed the filter put it back together and the van won’t start. It turns out the fuel ran back into the tank and the primer pump can’t pump it up. So, there must be a leaky one way valve in the primer bulb or somewhere in the area. Now I am waiting for the new one to replace it with and see if that’s was problem that made the van sluggish.  A leaky fuel line or perhaps that loosened turbo pipe to the inter cooler.

I guess we’ll find out when the new diesel primer bulb arrives.



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