Royal Mail Price Increase

The announcement today made many people wince when they’ve heard Royal Mail is increasing it’s prices by a third. First class mail from £0.46 pence to £0.60 pence and second class mail from £0.36 pence form £0.50 pence.

That’s about One Dollar per basic letter. Wow, it’s very expensive.

Royal Mail claims, the price increase is due to loosing too much money. In reality it is due to the British government removing the cap on many services that was regulated before. So it’s not just Royal Mail but the cost of other services will go up considerably in the near future.

Price IncreaaseThis, at the time when people are earning less money, due to layoffs and unemployment.

The prices of everything we buy are going up daily.

In 2013 Royal mail also increased the price of sending parcels. They’ve got rid of the “Standard Parcel” which used to cost £4.43 for a 2 kilos package and introduced size limits.

If you are an Ebay seller and sold a pair of shoes you’ve paid £4.43, now you pay £10 pounds for the same parcel. Huge increase.

This of course made Royal Mail even less attractive to most people and the result is the Private parcel companies have seen business surge forward as their prices are half as much as Royal Mail’s.



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