The annoying google chrome browser bug

12 Oct 2010

If you use google chrome and use it like me and have several open tabs at the time you probably noticed how slow google chrome is.

I was wondering if someone has a solution for that. Google touts how fast is chrome in order to lure people in to use it, but the reality is that chrome is waaaaaayyyy toooooooo slooooooooowwwwwwwwww.

Google has done nothing to solve this issue as of yet there are complaints after complaints of this issue. Read some here

I was wondering why is that? What’s the real reason behind it? I mean it’s only a software coding issue.

Is it really because the browser using disk swap memory rather than hard ram? Why is it using disk space? Snooping around? Hmmm?  Paranoia setting in and big brother listening in?

We have no idea, but why not spread some rumors. Logically it does make sense. Doesn’t it?

So at this point I would not recommend google chrome to anyone for this reason.


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