The shooting of a congress woman.


The recent shooting of Arizona Congress woman Gabrielle Giffords reflects a society that is associated with guns, dominance, psychological manipulation, violence, control, etc,etc,etc. We can go on and on of the effects of why did this happened. The negativity of the news surrounding us every day fuels this kinds of behavior.

Negativity not just comes from negative news but from over done news too. Like in the USA where every news story that touches the masses is overly done. Election, police shootings, weather, drugs,arrests,road closures, immigration, etc. While they are informative, the directive is to use it overly thus control the mass’s thinking. Brainwashing.  After a while  of hearing the same thing, it can create tension in some people’s mind, caution, disagreement, disillusion, hate, the feeling of -do something.

It’s really hard for me to put it in words  because of my limited vocabulary since I am not of english speaking origin.  Of course we can explain things by using reasoning that the others don’t want to dispute any further or just don’t want to argue any further. Like for an example the above statement. One can explain them and reason them away anyway they like it. There are plenty of explanations and reasons to argue that statement. But the facts are that those kinds of news negatively influence people by making them sick of the situation hearing them over and over again.

One can argue that these news are informative and the broadcasting company’s job is to inform the people. Right, it is. But when it is overly done and used, it becomes manipulation. They can argue that repeating the same over and over again is not manipulation, but when a car salesman doing it, we simply note it as manipulation.

So perhaps the reason behind such sudden violence is not originating in the person’s mind but suggested by outside sources. If a person psychologically is not strong enough , their thinking is easily contorted and filters out the  important facts leaving the negatives to stay.

Negative influences are always stronger than positive influences. Human nature is to flock to negatives.  Say, someone is a good actor. Who cares? But when that good actor was drunk and had a car accident even those that don’t care, will read the news.

Solution? Hmmmm.

Evolution will lead us to it.


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