UK Self Defence Laws

UK Self Defence Laws

Crime is on the rise as the population increase. In the UK for someone to defend themselves against criminals, will most likely end up with them in jail and the person who committed the crime going free.

Why is that? Because UK Self defence laws says, “You are not allowed to defend yourself”. Well, perhaps not word for word, but the meaning is the same.

The UK self defence law says “you can only use reasonable force“. That means, – you can’t subdue or beat up or harm the offender in any way, because if you do, you have used more force than neccessary and that makes you a criminal and guilty of causing harm to the other.

Two brothers were jailed for attacking a masked intruder

Say someone breaks into your house and you hit them with a baseball bat and the person suffers a broken arm. (I am not even talking about cracking his head or killing him, which I think you have every right to). You’ll be arrested and charged with causing “great bodily harm”  and most likely you’ll end up in jail and the burgler go free. Although you had done nothing wrong, but used self defence.

In the UK owning firearms is illegal for the general public. Only the rich and criminals are entitled to own them.

The preferred weapon for criminals in the UK is a knife. Carrying a knife is also illegal, unless if you have a good cause. For example if you are a chef and carry a knife around in a restaurant kitchen. Or a workman and have a utility knife on your person during work hours on the job etc. Also, for some religious reasons or if part of a uniform or ethnic dress.

Teenagers and criminals favor the knife, because they can easily hide it. Although the penalty is pretty steep for carrying one. Starting at 4 years for an adult and that even if they are law abiding citizens. For a teenager if they are less than 15 years old, less.

Of course very few are prosecuted for the offense and if they are, often out in less than six months or just get community service. At the same time, teenagers are free to roam in the UK and there are several thousands gangs especially in large cities.

These gangs and their members terrorizing their neighborhoods. The citizens have no recourse against them and they can’t even defend themselves. Because the law does not allow them to defend their lives or property.

Police are slow to respond, and truthfully, these teens laugh them in their face and walk away from the cops.

Gangs and criminals are more aware of this law than most law abiding citizens, who rightly assume they have every right to use self defence if it comes down to their’s or their loved one’s lives or to their property.

In the USA for an example where in some towns the law requires for every household to have a gun in the house, the crime rate is very low. In the UK where weapons and self defence are forbidden for regular everyday citizens, the crime rate is high.

We can’t avoid the rise in crime rates as the economy worsens, the population increases, computers taking over jobs, unemployment follows.

The result is more and more dissatisfied people are living together. Bitterness, depression and anger develops as the TV commercials spewing out pictures of exotic vacation places, fancy expensive cars, designer clothing, nicer and nicer things people know they can’t afford and never will, but wants them.

The outlook for a better future for most is bleak at best.

When will the UK self defence laws change?

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