Web search redirects in the UK

Lately there is a lot of redirects on my computers when I am searching and clicking on search results. I have 4 computers in the house and all suffer from the same sickness. Recently had friends from another country and when they turned their laptops on they’ve had the same thing happening. They say in their country this doesn’t happen at all.

I know it’s not a virus on our computers and as that I am sure it’s coming from Virgin Media. I mean if my modem and wireless router were infected that could only come from one place and that is the Provider. I don’t think there is any other way a modem and router can be infected.

I’ve called them recently and of course they were denying it. The employee on the other end of the phone had never heard of it. The net is full of redirect complains here in the UK.  Virgin Media must make millions of ads revenue off these unwanted redirects.

Just last week I had reformatted my main drive so it has a brand new installation on it and as soon as I turned the computer on I had a redirect.

Redirect is when you click on say telephone.com and redirect.com comes on instead. Now when you have this about 4-5 times out of 10 it becomes annoying.

I also re installed my wife’s computer because I was truly in the belief our computers were infected, until the friends came this past weekend with their laptops which has a different language installed and came from a different country, started to display these  redirects.

I was wondering if there is a way to stop this from happening. I already excluded google analytics and double click in the .host file, they were also slowing the computers down.

Would changing broadband provider solve this issue?

So at this point I would not recommend virgin media to anyone to sign up with for broadband, until this clears up


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