Car Air conditioning compressor magnetic coil repair

Car Air conditioning compressor magnetic coil not working

If your car’s air conditioning system is charged up with gas and the car’s air conditioning not turning on or sometimes cold sometimes warm air coming out of the vents the problem likely be the car’s air compressor’s magnetic coil not working.
You need to take the magnetic coil off of the compressor by first removing the compressor’s clutch plate, the belt pulley than the magnetic coil.
To test it apply 12 volts to the coil and see if a screw driver or other iron metal would stick to it or not. If not the coil is not working.
There is a diode in the magnetic coil you need to find. The problem is that the magnetic coil is filled with epoxy and you need to grind it away with a small grinding wheel on a dremel tool or something similar to be able to find it.

Be careful when grinding not to grind too deep at once or else you might grind the coil wires away too. Just go easy, a thin layer at the time. The diode should be right under the top epoxy layer not in between the coil winding.

The side you need to grind is not the one with the metal casing covering it but the other side. Here is the photo of which side.Car Air conditioning compressor magnetic coil repair

Start somewhere and go around until you find it. Once you have found the diode in the magnetic coil, grind it away until at least the gut of it is destroyed than get a piece of copper wire and solder a piece of it into it’s place.
Now apply 12 volts to the wires and check if magnetic. If it is put it back on the air conditioning compressor, put the belt pulley back on, the clutch plate and now you have the car’s air conditioning compressor working again.