How to Spin Articles

Spinning articles is common among internet marketers.

Article SpinningWhat is spinning articles? When you have an article (a block of text if you will) and you are using a software that inserts pre-set words at different intervals, replacing the original word.

Spinning an article means, you have a master article and you make many sub articles out of it by changing the order of the words and or adding extra words to it.

For an example here is an original sentence; “hi my name is Joe and I am your friend”. Here is what it can look like spinned; “hello I am Joe and I am your buddy”

You are replacing the words like this; ” {hello|hi} {I am|my name is} Joe and I am your {friend|buddy}”

The meaning is the same but the wording is different.

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Most spinned articles are a joke. Un-meaning jumble of meaningless words. Why? Because the author is too lazy to put some effort into his/her work.

So, why would you spin an article? Because you just have to write one article and using a software you can spin a whole bunch of copycat articles off of it but with different wording. Instead of writing each article by hand, you just use an article spinning software.

Now many spinned articles are stupid and here is an example. I am not sure what was the original article and can’t even speculate by reading these sentences, but I assume it has something to do with it’s headline.

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As you can see this a very very bad spin. Don’t make sense!!

So how to write an article so that your spin makes sence even if you spin it a 100 times?

Here is an example.  I am just gonna use the paragraph yellowed out above.

So, why {do|would|are} you spin an article? {The reason|Because} you {only|just} {need|have} to {create|write|make} one article and using a {program|software} you {will be able to|can} spin a {lot of|lots of|many|whole bunch|several} of {new|copycat} articles off of it, but with different {words|wording}. Instead of {making|creating|writing} {all|every|each article} by {manually|hand}, you {can|just} use an article spinning {program|software}.

So as you can see the yellow text will be spinned to the original. The green tint is what remains from the original and the yellow tint will be spinned. But even tho so many words will change the article will make sense.

If you have the patience you can read the different words and see if the article would make sense to you.

When you spin an article you put the words to be spinned in a bracket divided by a pipe. Simple as that and than you can copy and paste the whole thing into an article spinner software and spin as many articles as you want.

If you re-spin already spinned articles, it doesn’t hurt to spend a few minutes to check the wording to make sure they still make sense. In effect you make another master article out of a spinned one.

When you read a correctly spinned article, you can’t tell it was spinned at all. All seems original.

Than you can send the spinned articles to article directories like ezinearticles, or to news release sites, or to blogs, or to other websites and they all look different and original to the search engines and to the reader.

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