Maytag intellisense Washer MWA 09149 WH Not Draining F02 code

Maytag, Whirlpool, Washing machine not draining

I have recently encountered my Maytag Intellisense Washer MWA 09149 WH caming up with Code F02 which means not draining.

I’ve checked the filter and it was clean, I have also checked the drain hose it was clean, I have also checked the piping going trough the wall and it was clean., yet the Maytag washing machine still displayed the F02 not draining code.

I have taken the back panel off and checked the pump and it was working. Took the rubber harmonica pipe off between the pump and drum and it was clean yet the F02 washer not draining code still came on.

Put everything back together and I started the washing machine with the back panel off. The first thing appeared I’ve noticed was the heating element was dripping water. As it turned out they have never actually tightened it up at the factory. It’s a push in type where the rubber seal just sits in the socket where it’s pushed in and a nut in the center needs to be tightened so that it squeezes the rubber make it wider thus fitting it tightly in the hole.

Maytag intellisense not draining
Heating element upper right corner and micro switch center at bottom of washing machine

Tightened it and the dripping stopped. This was the cause of the F02 code no draining issue. On the bottom of the washing machine there is a dimple where a Styrofoam disk sits and right above that is a micro switch. As the heating element was loose and dripping water, the water pooled under the Styrofoam disk raised it and pushed in the little micro switch which stopped the washing machine form working.
Brainiac engineers at Maytag Whirlpool instead of giving a separate code for this float switch  micro switch, they have it included under the no drain code which is totally false, because it has nothing to do with draining issues.
As a matter of fact, the water needed to raise this Styrofoam disk is so minuscule you can’t even see it only if you reach in and tap on the disk you’ll see water splashing a bit, even than you might do it twice because unsure it actually happened or not.