The Royal Mail Making money

I’ve had another big surprise today at the post office in Britt land.

Friend of mine asked me to get a Postal Order, (post office money order) for £95 pounds. These cost some money, but usually not much. So when the lady behind the counter told me how much it cost, I almost had to sit down. £9.50 and that’s about $15-16 dollars. Now if I would have had a postal order for £200 pounds that would have been £20 pounds. Ain’t that a BIG-HUGE Robbery???

The British postal service, the royal mail is charging £1 pound for every £10 pounds. Now that is nothing but faceless skinless insult to anyone with some intelligence.  Of course one don’t have to buy a postal order but there are circumstances when one need one.

If you send a certified letter in Britain, it cost about £0.70 pence, but if you send that same letter to a foreign country, it will cost £4.50 more. Their explanation is, it has to go trough separate handling. I understand that, but other countries don’t charge these HUGE unreasonable amounts and this fee only covers Royal Mail’s fee.

Once the letter leaves British soil the expense of handling it drops dramatically to the other countrie’s level.

With ebay and online sales channels many people are selling goods. If you send a package with royal mail to Europe, a 2 KG (about 4 pounds in weight) package cost about £11 pounds. Go over that by a gram and increases to about £33 pounds.  Nothing in between. As a result many ebay and other sellers don’t ship to a foreign country. Here in Europe people use courier services because they are much much cheaper. You can send a 25KG parcel, (about £50 pounds in weight)  for the same price the royal mail charge for a 2.01 KG parcel.

I advise anyone that wants to use Royal Mail to send parcels, to switch to independent couriers. They are much cheaper and reliable.  You can send a 20kg parcel to anywhere within the UK for £6 pounds to any location.


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