The Truth About Back Acne

The Truth About Back Acne

When most people think about acne, they think about the condition affecting someone’s face.  However, it’s possible for acne to occur on many different parts of the body including the back.  Back acne, sometimes referred to as bacne, is a relatively common condition.

If you have acne on other areas of your body, then it’s likely you’ll have problems with back acne at some point.  The condition can affect anyone regardless of age or sex.  However, males usually experience the condition the most.

People develop back acne for some of the same reasons that they develop acne on their faces.  It’s possible for the oil glands to become overactive and get blocked.  Too much bacteria on your skin can also lead to the development of the condition.

Another reason that you can have problems with back acne is if you frequently wear tight clothing.  Tight shirts will trap perspiration on your skin.  Once trapped, it will mix with any oils on your skin and eventually lead to the formation of bacne.

Since perspiration is one of the leading causes of back acne, it’s very common in people who are very active.  You may also develop the condition if you irritate the skin on your back some way.  For example, students who carry heavy book bags around all day may have problems with acne.

The signs of back acne are similar to the signs of acne on other areas of the body.  You will notice spots, pimples, and blackheads forming on different parts of your back.  If the condition progresses, these troublesome areas may develop into cysts.

Since it shares many of the same signs and causes, you would expect to treat back acne the way you would any other form of the condition.  You can use topical medications or even prescriptions to treat the condition.

Since bacterial infections are a common problem, people with back acne may also need to take oral antibiotics.  Retin A and antibacterial cleansers are also useful for treating the condition.  These are the same cleansers that are formulated to treat acne on your face.

Mild to moderate cases of back acne are relatively simple to treat.  However, more severe cases can cause other type of damage to your skin besides cysts.  If you have a more severe case of back acne, then you shouldn’t try to treat it yourself.

Instead, you should get it looked at my a dermatologist.  If you have a severe form of the condition, then you may need to take Accutane.  Although this medication is highly effective, it is known to cause a few severe side effects.  You would need to discuss them with your doctor.

The best way to prevent back acne is to limit irritation on the skin of your back.  Make sure that you don’t wear tight shirts too frequently.  The shirts should also be made from materials that allow your skin to breathe.  One of the best materials for this purpose is cotton.

Some people develop back acne because of the laundry detergent that they’re using.  Switching brands may be helpful.  Making sure that your bed sheets are washed on a regular basis couldn’t hurt either.

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