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Advertising with Adwords for One cent



Many Internet marketers don’t know this and spend fortunes on Google advertising .


How do you do it?


Here is what you need to do.

You need to make some banners, (picture ads) and you need a Google Adwords account.

To make banners I use Banner maker pro, or you can use Paint shop pro or Serif Photo plus, or Dream weaver etc. Save the banners as gif.


 Well, the method is very simple. You need to open an account at . Deposit some money using a credit card, or use a coupon you get from some web hosting company when you sign up with them, or I’ve seen Adwords coupons advertised for sale on eBay.



Once you have your money on the account you have to click the campaigns button and create a new campaign, (Which is nothing more than creating your advertisement) including the text and keywords.


There you can set what geographic area do you want your ads to appear, you can even specify certain web sites.You can also specify the length you want your ads running, how much daily budget do you have and how much do you want to pay per click, if you want the search network (that’s when you say “Google it” ), or the content network, -when your ads appear on relevant sites only and not in the search results-.


What you have to do is, you have to uncheck the search network and check the content box. Next when it ask you  “how much you want to pay per click” you put in 0.01 in each box.


Upload the banners to your Google Adwords account.

You do that in your Adwords/campaigns/ads section. Find the “New Ad” button under the graph and checkmark the image ad. Checkmark The Image Ad only!!


Fill in your keywords list and off you go.

It will take Google a few days to approve the banner/s, but once it’s done, your ads will start automatically.


Now you have a One cent per click ad running. You can upload more than one banner.


To cap it up. You will uncheck the search network and check the Content network. Upload your banners and set your keywords.