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La Dauphine, Residence des Artistes Alec Baldwin room
La Dauphine, Residence des Artistes
Booked Mardi Gras & ALL Jazz Fest. Check website for availability. Unpretentious B&B. 3 night minimum. No walk-ins. Reservations required.. Walk to French Quarter. No smoking. Phone, cable TV/VCR/DVD. Free Internet, wi-fi.. $500 weekly non-event.
Starting at US $85 Per Night

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Peru Encompassed Small Group Adventure Photo #1
Peru Encompassed Small Group Adventure
The ideal trip for those with a sense of adventure and enthusiasm for the ancient cultures of the Andes. Sleep out in the Ica Desert, watch Condors in the Colca Canyon, hike the famous Inca Trail and stay with a local family on Lake Titicaca
Starting at £ 625 Per Trip

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RealAdventures | Inca Trail, Peru Sight-Seeing Tour | Peru Sight-Seeing Tour | Peru Vacations | Sight-Seeing Tour | Inca Trail, Peru
Hostel Nevenka Adriatic coast  Split
Hostel Nevenka
I live in Croatia in town Split. This is an Mediterranean town on Adriatic coast. It's sunny town with a beautiful beach's and very clean and warm sea and 1700 years old history. In the center of town there is Diokletian's palace which is under the U
Starting at 30 Euro Per Night/Pers

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RealAdventures | SPLIT, Croatia Youth Hostels | Croatia Youth Hostels | Croatia Vacations | Youth Hostels | SPLIT, Croatia
Scenic Day Tours of Burren & Connemara Cliffs of Moher 10am 11:30am DayTours
Scenic Day Tours of Burren & Connemara
Daily Tours to the Burren & Cliffs of Moher & Connemara regions in the West of Ireland all year round Daily departures @ 10am & 11:30am 10% discount Book on-line @
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Burgundy On A Plate-Wine & Gastronomy in Burgundy Burgundy - Hospice de Beaune
Burgundy On A Plate-Wine & Gastronomy in Burgundy
Exclusive wine & gastronomy tours in the Heart of Burgundy. Experience the real Burgundy off the tourist route with private tastings in small family owned cellars, meeting the locals & enjoying the best wine & local cuisine that Burgundy has to offer
Starting at 2,225 Euro Per Person

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RealAdventures | Beaune, France Wine Tasting | France Wine Tasting | France Vacations | Wine Tasting | Beaune, France
Ballooning rides in Barcelona Balloon ride and take off
Ballooning rides in Barcelona
Enjoy a ride in a hot-air balloon over Barcelona landscapes, a magical and unforgettable adventure. Enjoy a new sensation of freedom and the tranquility of floating through the air with a panoramic view from up to 3000 feet high.
Starting at 150 Euro Per Person

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New Zealand Fun Family  River Holidays Family fun on the Papa Gorge
New Zealand Fun Family River Holidays
nnnnnnnMangaweka is a fantastic place to stop on your tour of New Zealand. Halfway between Taupo and Wellington, create unforgettable memories from the Rangitikei River to share with all your friends and family. Give the whole family some good clean fun!
Starting at NZ$ 55 Per Person

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RealAdventures | Mangaweka, New Zealand Rafting | New Zealand Rafting | New Zealand Vacations | Rafting | Mangaweka, New Zealand
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Europe Trip 2008 in a nutshell!


We've started from the UK in the beginning of August 2008. Chose to cross the English channel by ferry from Dover UK, to Calais France.

 Driving into the ferry terminal and driving up onto the ferry was a great experience as we had not done it before. We had to park on the third floor and we had to walk up a few flights of stairs to the 7th floor where the shops and restaurants were, with comfortable seating and a great view of the water and other ships. The ferry ride was 1:30 hour to Calais and after mooring and driving off of the ferry we headed to Paris.

There we had a reservation at one of the hotels in the heart of Paris, just a few blocks form the Eiffel tower and many of the city's attractions.


We went to see the Notre Dome, the Louvre's, walked along the river Seine. Enjoyed watching the Parisian people and the crazy acrobatic daredevil motorcyclists ducking cars and traffic. Unfortunately our time was tight and we only had time for one long afternoon and one night. The temperature was hot-hot-hot during the month of August. Our small hotel room was up on the sixth floor and had no air conditioning. The hotel staff gave us a fan that eased the hot air during the night. The room was so small after placing our two travel duffel bags on the floor we had to step over them going from one end of the room to the other.


The next day we headed to Brussels Belgium and after checking into our hotel in the heart of the city we went sight seeing. The city is beautiful and have many nice restaurants and very pleasant romantic feel to it. Worth checking it out.


Having time for only one afternoon and one night only, here too we were limited to see the main attractions but well worth to spend even a short time there. The hotel room was large and comfortable but lacked air conditioning and although the hotel gave us fans it was still hard to handle the heat at night.


The next day we were heading into Germany and had plans for Munich but because of all the road repairs had slowed us down we had decided to go to Salzburg Austria and spend the night there. The city is very nice and romantic, the hotel room was nice and comfy and had air conditioning, but since we only stayed for one night it didn't matter.


 The next day found us in Hungary where we had spent about two weeks visiting friends and family. Time went fast and regardless of the heat and humidity we had enjoyed our time there.


 After about two weeks in Hungary, it was time to leave and we were heading to Vienna Austria where we had a hotel reservation in the heart of the city just off of the famous Maria Hilfer Strasse. The city is beautiful and interesting. We have spent two days there and enjoyed every minute of it but we had to leave and after two days we went to Munich Germany where we also spent two days.


 The hotel was nice and had air conditioning and it was also in the heart of the city. Munich is famous for it's beer and Octoberfest.


 We had visited many of the sites, the old city hall with it's moving musical clock figurines in the tower. The English garden, the market, Marien Platz and many more sites and streets.


 We both both enjoy people watching more than going to museums so we enjoy the sight where ever we are because people are everywhere. But we also had to leave Munich and went straight to Amsterdam for two days.


 The hotel was nice and on a canal, but not in the heart of the city. We had a 30 minutes walk to the center of the city. The walk was nice along the canals. Seeing the little boats the streets and houses. Went to see the famous flower market, checked out all the old houses along the canals, the city center is vibrant and full of tourists. The red light district was very interesting and we spent our time in Amsterdam again with people watching, walking on the streets and sitting in small restaurants and cafes. Smoke shops are selling weed and smoking supplies and the small streets sometimes had the smell of marihuana.


After two days there we had to leave and headed to Ostend Belgium to catch our ferry back to the UK. Ostend is a very nice city on the shore of the north sea. Nice pleasure and fishing boats moor in the city center marina. Fisherman sell their catch right there. Nice and interesting city to see. The ferry ride was almost five hours going across on part of the north sea.

Back in the UK we had another 3 hours drive to our home.


While the speed limit is pretty relaxed in the UK and many times the average Highway speed averaging about 80 miles an hour, it seemed like a snails walk compare to the highway speeds of Europe where we were usually travelling at a 100 miles and hour and even at that speed we had to stay in the center lane because others were going faster in the inside lane.


The traffic is fast and safe regardless of the high speed on the highways. The drivers are not nervous and respecting each other and let other cars pass if they want to go faster.


I would definitely recommend travelling in Europe by car.

The cost of the food perhaps a bit more expensive than in the UK, but the fuel is cheaper. The hotels are not very cheap but affordable and travelling by car lets you go to places and see things you wouldn't see otherwise. Worth spending at least three weeks and just take the trip as it comes. Whatever fits in the day fits in the day.


No schedule no stress, just enjoying the many sights. Now, that is relaxing!