Why work visas are given ?

Work visas!  Are there any benefits for the country that gives them?  I could never figure out why these kinds of visas are issued at the first place. I mean there is Britain for an example. They don’t want any foreigners working in the country, but yet they are giving out work visas to people. Holiday work visas too.

What is a holiday work visa anyway? If they don’t want foreigners to work in the country why the holiday work visas?  Do they mean foreigners can come here for a holiday and work while they are here? What is a holiday work visa for?  Britt’s are complaining of foreigners taking the jobs away from the natives. Are they really? I think the foreigners are responsible giving jobs to millions of the natives. They are starting up companies as soon as they have enough money to buy the tools or for renting a store or warehouse or manufacturing or marketing or sales or….. and employing native English people.

Yeah there are foreigners that work for British companies and many of them, but they were hired by the firms because they couldn’t find any natives for the jobs.  Why the natives aren’t taking all those supposedly excellent jobs they are complaining about that foreigners getting them? What’s wrong with the Brits for not taking all those jobs? Are they too lazy to work? Are those jobs are mediocre? The jobs don’t pay enough money? Are they too hard to do? Whatever the reason behind it, those foreigners don’t think that way. They find the opportunities that lays on the street and bend down to pick them up to run with them.

So why the work visas if the natives wants those jobs? Do they really want them?

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