This one is for the Smart Britt Series although garbage is a worldwide concern but I think it’s an overly done concern.

In Brittland they call it not Garbage but Rubbish. Hmmm. Ineffective word with no specifications. Rubbish is rubbish and not Garbage. So as the word itself is ineffective so is the action and attention the British meaning of it should get.

In Brittland the garbage is collected once a week  or by-weekly from households. The cost is included in the monthly “Council Tax” that every household MUST pay or else the taxman comes to visit.

The Council of course is trying to do a shitty job of collecting it as much as they can. Why? Because although it’s their responsibility they come up with every sorry ass excuse of transferring the responsibility to the citizens. The garbage men are obnoxious and pretty much decide what or what not goes into the garbage truck from your garbage bin or bag. They are not ashamed to sift through your stuff and leave some behind if THEY DON’T APPROVE. Hmmm. If I don’t pay my taxes the council says I must because that covers the garbage collection, the road clearing and maintenance, snow clearing etc. Of course they don’t do any of this the way they mean it or supposed to be.

As the world know it from the news, the snow never gets cleared in Britain. And I mean NEVER. The snow has a natural melting point  in Brittland and that’s what clears it off of the roads. The Sidewalks and roads are slippery and very very icy for days and weeks after snowfall.

The garbage issue is almost the same but the majority is taken away by the lazy council workers. In Brittland the government workers are lazy and rude and non caring.

On garbage days which is Wednesday in my neighborhood after the collection the remaining garbage flies in the air and litters the streets. That somehow gets carried away by the wind and car tires and starts again a week later. So in effect we always have garbage covering the streets  in the neighborhood and I live in the suburbs.

Anyway. Now after the Christmas holidays when the garbage was not collected for weeks in some places it litters and stinks up the neighborhoods and the government again is trying to get out of it because of the amount that is piled up on the streets. They’ve came up with the old scheme of trying to fine people for littering if they are not taking care of their garbage. The unions of course are using this opportunity to squeeze more money out for the obnoxious garbage workers.

In Brittland there is no one to complain to because the way the court system and the whole legal system is set up. The only avenue to go to is your local council representative or MP Which means Member of Parliament that represents local interests in the parliament. That takes ages because of the old ways of  doing business in Britain is still in the works.You can’t complain to anywhere else and if you do they just brush you off saying. – go to your MP or Council and the circle starts again.

In Brittland there are no daily news papers only the big national ones but locally they don’t have one. Only weekly papers. So writing to them you get no response again because  there is no room in them for complains from citizens and their quality is equal to an average high school paper.

Chaos all over. The government just raised the sales tax from 17.5% to 20% because the old ways don’t work anymore but they are unwilling to change the laws that would work in modern times. Can you imagine? 20% of your net income goes into taxes over and above the other 30% of your gross income tax. Yeah, the country is in deep financial trouble.

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