Be Your Own Boss

Be Your Own Boss

Working for self is not for everyone. Some people are good at it, others fail.  Why? Mainly because of lack of motivation on the longrun. Bad money management. Bad time management.

Here is a cheap way to start a business. This one works in the USA and might be working fine in other countries too.

I am talking about a sole proprietor business because that’s the cheapest one  to start with and almost always brings immediate profit.

In the USA all you have to do to start a business (sole proprietor) is to go to city hall and get a business license in your chosen field. Pay whatever small fee they are asking and you are in business.

Next, call your local daily newspaper and tell them you want to place a 3 line ad. (not display ad, but the cheapest 3 or max 4 lines text ad). That includes what you are offering and your phone number.

If you have a business, most newspapers will offer you billing rather than immediate payment. So you place your ad for the longest period you can get. Say 10 days. Now you have ten days to advertise without paying a cent. Before that ten days expire, the paper will call to ask you if you want to renew your ad. Tell them, Yessss.

At this point you still have not spent a cent on advertising.

Before the second ten days  expire, the paper will call you to see if you want to renew it again. Say yess this time too. So now you are in the 3rd ten days of advertising and your bill for the first cycle should come in.

You can ignore it or pay it. (you’ll get a second notice and a third one too if you choose to ignore it)

You can go up to about 45 days before they get antsy about your first bill and that means you have 45 days from the beginning to bring  money in and pay them. In the meantime you’ll get the bill for your 2nd 10 days of advertising and the 3rd one too. Ignore those for now and pay the first one. Or pay them all if you had made enough money. You have to run the ads every day. Once you start making money and able to pay these bills, you can increase the size of the ad or start advertising in more publications for more exposure.

Some High Demand businesses to start up this way are, service businesses like; painting, carpentry,handyman, roofing, bookkeeping, interior decorating, babysitting, etc.

Why? Because these require the least amount of money to start with and brings immediate profit. Picture a painter for an example. 2-3 brushes, 2-3- canvasses, some extension pole, rollers, ladder. The whole thing can be bought for about a $100 dollars. The first job even if it’s just a room painted brings in double that.

All these professions require some minimal tools and investment for immediate profit. All these professions are in high demand.

You always ask for one half of the agreed price the day you start the job and the other half the day you are finished. Never take money ahead of the job because you are going to spend it. Always take the money on the day you start the job. This way you will always have the money for the materials for the job you are working on.

Keep your prices below the average and in a matter of a few weeks you are going to have so many jobs, you’ll  need to hire someone to help you.

I know, I’ve done it myself.


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