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I am sick of hearing about Google Panda and it’s sidekicks and the algorithms Google use and this and that about tweaking Google and that. The Internet became popular because of the information and the convenience to find it offers.

Whether you are aware of Google and it’s panda (or chicken or beaver whatever they are gonna call it) or not, your site has the same equal chance to be on the first page of Google search as anybody else’s. To be on the first page is easy. The hard part is to bring traffic to your site.

Google s first page listing don’t guarantee people are going to be visiting your site. True, they get more clicks than the site on the 30th page, but not enough clicks to make a living off of. That is if you are having an average information website that is. When you have a website that sells physical products, first page listing is crucial to have the traffic.

But, when you are having an information website, (like a site about acne or headaches, etc.) you are not going to get too much traffic just because you are on the first page of Google. What brings you traffic than is your headline text and the description (along with being on the first page). Those short few sentences, the reader see when the search results come up.

Those few sentences will make the reader to chose your site or to look further. Now this Panda mumbo jumbo happens every day with Google. Panda was nothing but a cleaning out the junk from the closet. You have to ignore Google’s algorithms and it’s changes completely. They are not going to go away, because Google just like most of the website owners along them would like to give relevant and useful information for their readers.

If you do you your best and provide the best information on the subject, you will be guaranteed to be on the first page of Google. Panda is cleaning right now as we speak. I don’t even know what it is or where he is at but I know it’s cleaning right now. So, I don’t care. I do my best and that’s all. I am on the first page of google because of my ignorance of panda.

I have many of my keywords on my various sites on the first page of Google and Yahoo and Bing and many of the rest. I am talking about hundreds of or even thousands of keywords, yet I can’t make a living off of being on the first page of google.

Why? Because people don’t click on the ads or affiliate links I have on the page. Yeah, they are all relevant to the subject of the page, yet they aren’t getting clicked on. Clicks makes you money on the internet. Visitors click on the ads on your site and you get a little bit of money for each click. (in theory at least. Not true with Google adsense tho (Adsense don’t pay you for most of the clicks).

When I make a new website, I usually achieve first page for the title in two months max. Some of them gets up there in a day or two. Some of teh articles I write gets listed in a few hours in Google and on the first page. yet no money off the sites.

Keyword research for SEO is like this. You type in a word and see how many search results comes up in google. Say; 4,500.000 now you put those in quotation marks and see what’s left. Say; 232,000 now those are the exact page matches for that keyword. Whether that keyword is a long tail, (2 or more words) or single word.  The 4,500.00 millions result is nothing else but the combination of the words in all of the internet pages combined. Say; I have a migraine headache. The combination of these  example.

The quotation marks type of search finds the exact phrase. (the way it is written) -I have a migraine headache-.

These figures don’t represent how many people search for those keywords. Only shows how many times the keyword appears in text on the internet.

We have no idea how many people are searching for those keywords. No one knows. Not even Google. Or they might if they have a big enough database and the software, bu they sure don’t make it public.

So we base our SEO on how many times the keyword appear in internet pages. That’s why the first page google listing might not be good enough to make money. What is a keyword? The keyword is every single word you write on your website. The letter “a” the word  “keyword”, the sentence itself is a keyword and the combination of all of these. So you see it’s easy to get to the first page of google. One of your word on the page or the combination of them will make it sooner or later.

Keyword, when we are talking about a specific word can be the subject itself. Like; migraine. My sites subjct is migraine, so my keyword is migraine.  Like if I want to be on the first page of google on the word “migraine” . I would have to optimize my website for that word.  Read this; SEO Help: 20 Steps to Get Your Website to Google’s #1 Page   It’l teach you SEO and how to do it easy.

So the best thing to do is just build your website and do your best on the quality of  information you provide. Use your keywords in the title, in the URL if you can and in the text on the page. Build your pages and you’ll be on the first page.

SEO means -Search Engine Optimization. In simple terms; using words on your webpage so that google and yahoo and the rest can see it as a quality site.

So, read this and get on it.

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