Google Adsense is a Curse or is a Blessing

Website owners can make some extra money by placing google adsense ads on their site.

The average money most sites makes is just a few pennies per month, so there is not much benefit of doing so, but the saying goes ” every penny counts” which would be true if they were to make a more substantial amount, -say about $100 dollars- per month, penny by penny, as every penny is just that ( a penny), but they only make a few pennies per month and most sites don’t even reach $10 dollars per year. Now you figure it out how long will it take for you to submit to google’s whimsical behaviour just to get a $100 dollars check once.

Googles minimum payout is $100 dollars. Meaning you have to accumulate one hundred dollars in order to get a check from google.

Now I think signing up with google adsense is a Curse. Why? Because google puts too many restrictions on site owners if they want to place adsense ads on their site. They have to follow a whole armada of rules, that locks them out of many more lucrative and potential money making options, for any tiny bit of suspicious activity on their site.

Google uses fear factor to make the site owners loyal to their terms, by not giving out information, the people have to speculate. Speculation means unknown and most people are afraid of the unknown. Site owners are afraid if they do anything else, but what adsense says, they are going to loose money.

They don’t realize how small amount that money is, but the fear of loss keeps them chained to adsense. You see rich companies dictate google what they want and get it because they spend way too much money to suspend them. “Poor” people on the other hand posess fear. They can’t dictate, they can only take direction and speculate.

Google know this and by not being honest and open with the public, they feed this fear to those who wants to make some extra money, indicating “hey if you don’t do what we say, you are gonna loose your account”.

Well, it’s just a few pennies to most, but there are individuals who makes over $100 dollars per month and they had their accounts suspended too. That kind of suspension for no reason at all, hurts. Those site owners were counting on that money. They honestly displayed the ads on their sites without knowing of any breach of adsenses terms. Adsense keeps their terms very vague and they never respond to individual requests. There is no contact us information for them. Only page after page of pre-made answers.

Just recently adsense suspended tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of small websites from their adsense program. They did all this sneakily without any warning.

To get someone suspended from adsense all one have to do is to go to any website and start clicking on the ads on the site. Click the same ads 20-30 times or click all ads over and over for an hour.
The owner of the site would have no idea of what’s going on, only to find out in a few days that his account is gone. His $100 dollars a month is gone. All because google has no spine to warn them. I think this kind of behavior should be regulated. Of course anyone can click on one’s site, but adsense assumes the owner of the site is the guilty one.

A sites owner can ask a friend to click on the ads on his/her site and split the profit. A friend with a different IP address, example. Yeah they can do that. But the majority of site owners are honest.

Of course if I was to advertise with google adwords (which is their advertising department) I would be upset if someone starts clicking on my ads and costing me money for fraudelent clicks. But most site owners are honest people and do not do that!

I don’t see much benefit in being in google’s adsense program for the majority of sites, there are far better opportunities to make more money than what adsense is offering.

Sign up as an affiliate with a site like and if someone just buys one item trough your site per year, you’ll make more than you would with google adsense.

The key to make money with your website is to be on the 1st page of the search engines like google, yahoo, bing etc. to do that you need to learn a little bit of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Not hard stuff, only about how to use the words on your site, really. What words to use, what are your main words, (called keywords) for your site’s subject. That’s all.

Once you learn how to use the wording you are almost guaranteed first page of your site. Keywords are those words you type in when you are looking for something on the net. Say, you are looking for “round tea bags” type it in and all the finds comes up when you press the return button on your keyboard. With just the right usage of words you can easily be on the first page.

When people search for something, most of them don’t go beyond the first 3 pages so if you are anywhere in there you can make more money than you would with adsense, by signing up as an affiliate with a site.

Type in “affiliate programs” and see how many of them you can choose from. Yeah, that’s what I mean, look at the top of the results page how many hits (pages) it found with those keywords. Just a bit of SEO (search engine optimization), that’s all it takes.

Here is an excellent study course you can use. Cheap and powerful. I would recommend anything like this which is a DVD, because you can actually see how it’s done. Well worth that small amount of money. I would not recommend audio programs as you can’t see it being done, E-books are usually dry and boring, but DVD instructions are a Cream Of Puff, because you can see and hear how to do it. Here is an excellent SEO study course to start with. Read the reviews! Excellent!!


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