Why poor people in Britain can’t pay their bills?

First, I have to say the British government and the companies in Britain are very very cash hungry and greedy.  They are on the mission of greediness to save every penny they can and to separate the people from all their cash they can.


Keyword search results

n the other hand if you include the quotation marks at the end and beginning like “migraine headache symptoms” you only get search results for what’s in that phrase. Continue reading

Lady GaGa – Edge Of Glory (Germany’s Next Topmodel 2011)

There aint a reason you and me should be alone Tonight, yeah baby Tonight, yeah baby But I got a reason that youre who should take me home tonight I need a man that thinks it right when its so wrong, Tonight yeah baby Tonight, yeah baby Right on the limits where we know…

The English store

It’s the weekend before Christmas, people are looking for presents and spending money by the millions. But not in Brittland! Continue reading

Wizz Air and FRAUD

Conclusion, Wizz Air is a Fraudulent company. I would not recommend them but since there is not much else we still need its services. Continue reading

Cancelling your car insurance in Britain

Car insurance companies are nothing else but scam industry. So when you cancel your car insurance, the broker wants you to pay a so called cancellation fee. (which I personally think should be illegal) Continue reading

The Symptoms of Diabetes

The symptoms and signs of diabetes developing slowly and steadily and when they become more severe and noticeable they can lead to serious other complications.
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Ordering from LaRedoute

LaRedoute is a typical French fashion store chain that is a pain is the butt to order from. As big as they are the customer service rudeness matching the size. Orders canceled without letting the customer know. The software they are using (according to customer service) automatically rejects credit cards so the order is canceled … Continue reading

Why work visas are given ?

Why the natives aren’t taking all those supposedly excellent jobs they are complaining about that foreigners getting them? Continue reading

Make Money Blogging? In your dreams…

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