Cheaper than UK diesel fuel price

Cheap fuelCheap fuel prices in Europe compare to the UK. Motorists in the United Kingdom are paying through the nose for Diesel and Gasoline at the pump. Car fuel is very expensive. We can’t blame the petrol station owners or their distributor, but the high taxes by the government.

As we know the taxes are somewhere around 65% of the cost of the fuel we are paying at the pump in Britain. But if you travel over to Europe you’ll find savings of somewhere around 25%.

Calais for an example is just right across the English Channel. People that travel should only put enough fuel into their car to make it across the English Channel and then after driving out of the ferry port, take the exit out at the first round about and take the 4th exit out of that. Follow that road around and just around the bend there is the closest petrol station. Here is the Google map link;

They charge as much in Euros per liter as they charge in Pounds in the UK. That’s right there is about a 15-20% savings.

If you go into the city of Calais you’ll find even cheaper fuel prices, which increase your savings.

When coming back into the UK it is worth to stop at one of the petrol stations in Calais to fill up your tank to the brim and you can easily save £15-20 pounds per tank compare to the prices in the UK.

If you travel to Luxemburg your savings are closer to 30% compare to the UK fuel prices. A full tank there coming back into the uk and then a top up in Calais, can save you around £25 pounds per full tank diesel or gasoline.

The reason for these extremely high taxes on fuel are not explained satisfactorily to the public by the British government. Of course it’s nice to have the money it brings, but the high taxes are weakening the economy.

So if you want cheap diesel and like to travel, visit France. The saving on the fuel pays for your ferry ticket.

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