I Need Money

I need money too. How to get money fast. How to make money fast.

Here are a few ways to make money fairly quick even if you have bad credit.

There are different ways to make money fast if you are willing to do something for it. What? Like work.

First thing comes to mind is Ebay, Amazon, flea markets, sell something through the newspapers.

You can sell just about anything on Ebay and it’s a guaranteed sale if you price it right. Ebay also is fast. If you price it right, within days you have your money.

Most people don’t start with this method because they don’t want to part with their possessions, not realizing that the attachment is actually costing them on the long run. 

Why? Because attachment is limiting. Say, I want to make money and  I happen to buy something cheaper than the average price for that something. I know it’ll be bring profit if I sell it, but I also like it and might not sell it. In this case this thinking will limit my future decisions about selling anything I have.

You have to get over this kind of thinking if you want to make money.

Amazon is also a good place to start. You can sell just about the same stuff as on Ebay, but for a higher price. The trade off is you might have to wait longer before it sells since Amazon is not an auction type of place like Ebay. With fixed rice sale you always have to wait a bit longer for the buyers to make their decisions. Although if you price it below others, it’s almost certain you are going to make a quick sale and the money can be in you bank account within days.

Flea markets are also a good source of quick money and also news papers if they have a free advertising section for junk.

Where to get the stuff to sell? Go to the charity shop and look around. Many people do that and then sell what they buy on Ebay or on Amazon for profit. Buy something on Ebay and sell it on Amazon for profit. Be creative. Go to garage sales and buy something and sell it.

I’ve had a small camcorder I was gonna sell on Ebay. Starting bid $50 dollars. Nobody bid on it. I’d put it up for sale on Amazon for $135 and sold it a few weeks later. I’ve bought photography lenses on Ebay and sold them for three times as much what I had paid for them on Amazon.

If you need money fast, the quickest way to get some is by selling something you already have. Or if you have 10-20 dollars then go to the charity shops and look around and buy something and sell it. Money is not going to come to you overnight.

Plan ahead and notice when you are getting into shortage. Say, “I have one more months worth of rent money left”, what should I do.

Buy something cheap and sell it for higher. Go to Ebay, check out what is popular and go to Amazon and check out the best sellers and find something in that line on Ebay. Use your rent money to buy it just make sure you sell the stuff by the time the rent is due. Don’t get attached if you can’t afford it.

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